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The Zanddoos Realm is a sandbox (for me) to be able to implement some ideas I have about:

  • AI
  • NPCs
  • emergent behaviour
  • procgen
  • weather
  • flora & fauna simulations
  • boids

It could be thought as an exploration game (maybe?) for an end user. There are no scripted events, no quests, no dialogue and it will always be a WIP.


  • mouse to look around
  • WASD / cursor keys to move
  • left click to interact with objects. Some actions need to keep the button pressed while they complete
  • right click to look at objects

Current state

As of today, the "game" has:

  • city guards: they patrol the town in shifts. A group works the day shift and another the night shift. When their shift finishes they head to the barracks to get some sleep. Each guard has a route to patrol during their shift. If they spot any kind of "criminal activity" they'll start chasing the suspect, until they catch it or it escapes.
  • day/night cycle.
  • some peasants that wander around the city and go to their houses to sleep at night.
  • some animals:butterflies/fireflies
  • an inner city and walled garden, with guards patrolling inside. Currently not accessible (but you can take a look to the inner enclosure through the gate).

There's no menu, you just jump into the game.

WARNING The game it's not even in an alpha state, don't expect anything to make sense.


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Version 3
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Version 3

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