Meet Kong is a mini game loosely based on Crazy Kong (I've never played it) using the style of a ZX81.

The objective of the game is to move from the bottom of the level to upper floor (into the * character) to say hi to Kong.

The game is open source and the source code can be found at


The main objective when developing this game was trying to make something similar to a ZX81, so it's more a POC than a real game.

There are a lot of things which may be considered bugs but will stay as they are, such as:

  • You can't go down a ladder.
  • When the screen is drawing the input is enabled.
  • You can't die, so the lives counter is just aesthetics.
  • Barrels doesn't kill you.
  • When you get to the top, there's no logic to chat with Kong 😞.


  • left arrow Move left
  • right arrow Move right
  • left arrow and shift Jump left
  • right arrow and shift Jump right
  • up arrow climb ladders

  • 1 To clear the screen and draw all the available characters
  • 2 To clear the screen and draw all the available characters, with a space between them
  • 3 To clear the screen and draw the level

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