This is an unfinished prototype for testing the idea of mixing Cannon Fodder and Lemmings.

Current state

There's only one level, no UI, no end condition, infinite lives and you start right into the game.

When the soldier you control dies, another spawns at the starting position. 


There are three teams: One controlled by the player, one against it and the prisoners, which change it's relation with the other two during the game.

The objective is to free the prisoners held by the other team and take them to a safe area. The prisoners are initially in a captive state in which they don't move and the enemy team doesn't consider them a threat. When the player soldier walk close enough to them, they are released, the enemy considers them a threat and the prisoners start following the player around.

The part of the safe area for the prisoners is not implemented.


  • WASD for movement
  • mouse and left click to aim and shoot. You can leave the button clicked to continously shoot.

Development log

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